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People doing strange things with electricity

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7pm Wednesday 12 June 2002
Unicorn Precinct XIII
306 Elsie
Bernal Heights, SF


Nick Thompson - Grey Area
grey area is an experiment in sensitive lighting. illumination is provided by a standard computer and video projector; the computer is also equipped with a camera, aimed at the projection surface. unlike most other video feedback setups, the relationship between the projected image and the observed image is fixed -- and known to the computer. this allows software to customize the lighting to match the surface under illumination. for example, to construct a local grey area, a program can choose projection colors that wash out any colors observed by the camera. future sensitive lighting projects will also be discussed.

Rev. Al Deaderick - Ice Cream Cone
Al demonstrates his obsessive-compulsive process of making sample based music using outmoded software and discarded hardware from Macromedia. Performance and autograph signing to follow.

David Pescovitz - The Media: Friend or Foe, Target or Tool
Being an educational, informative, entertaining, and provocative dialogue on the complex relationship between artists and journalists including but not limited to how to get press, where to get press, and the virtues of seeing (or not seeing) your name in print. David Pescovitz ( has written about technology and art for Wired, the New York Times, ArtByte, FlashArt, ID, MTV Online, and Salon. He is the co-author of Reality Check (HardWired, 1996) and the writer-in-residence at UC Berkeley's College of Engineering.

Brian Normanly
Brian will give a practical demonstration on the liberation and redistribution of electricity

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