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People doing strange things with electricity

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7pm Wednesday 14 August 2002
Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch
1433 Van Dyke Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124 Map

Hamburglers and Hot dogs provided by Mr. Foo
Beer, shots, mixed drinks from Mr. Paba "rOcKo" Phree tending Vern's Bar

Please be on time 7pm as doors close a few minutes after that as there are no door tenders


Rudy Rucker - Home-made Wireless Antennae
Have you heard about all the wireless craze these days? What the hell is it all about? Rudy will explain the technology and show some home made antennae. Learn how you can use wireless!
Rudy Rucker, Jr. is an exdot-commer who owns and operates Fascinated with information and pop culture, he makes websites which amuse some and trouble others.

Mad Max - The Obnoxicator
Inspired by Ed the Clown, an Obnoxicator is a modified Radio Shack BullHorn. Its elegance is in its simplicity. Its power and ability to annoy is in its volume. After its first hour of usage, it became clear that it can also be a wonderful musical instrument. I will endeavor to explain the construction, and care & feeding of an Obnoxicator. I will also give a demonstration of its capabilites.
As a child, Mad Max built strange machines, remote controlled gadgets, and things that exploded; some of which actually worked. As an adult artist and engineer, he builds strange machines, remote controlled gadgets, and things that boom; most of which, frequently work. Nothing has really changed all that much, except now, he has a bigger tool box.

Polymorf - Introduction to Logic Audio
Basic MIDI introduction
Setting up your environment: The framework for your Soft-studio
Recording Midi: Setting up tracks, metronomes,
Editing midi: Quantization, Arppegiation, Midi signals
VST: Soft synth, effects, misc plugins.
Handling Audio: Using samples, the mixer, effects, plugins
Polymorf: Used to be in punk rock bands when he was a kid. Got into electronic music production a few years ago. Produces mostly break beat variants (breaks, 2step, D&B).

Kimric Smythe - Fire Spewing Vacuum Cleaners
Kimric Smythe was half of the team that did the pyro for Burning Man for 10 yrs. He did some experiments for a web site that wanted some crazy stuff including propane fueled vacuum cleaners, rocket powered inflate a dates and exploding doll houses. Other stunts Kimric has been involved in are the Car Hunt, The Amorphous Blob, The Orca Bomb, Return of the Fat Man , Weird TV, and The Drive-By Shooting Range. Some other more practical projects are; the machine mounted camera for SRL shows that produced really nice footage, a livelihood repairing and selling accordions Smythe's Accordion Center and his improbable taste in cars.

This month Kimric is starting a project on his idea called "Things that might fly if you put enough rockets on them" for Evening Magazine. He is hoping to test a RC hot air blimp with a 20lb payload at the SRL show this fall.

Many thanks to Mad Max for hosting this month's dorkbot

if you would like to speak at a future dorkbotsf, please let us know