dorkbotsf:   dorkbotSF #4


People doing strange things with electricity


7pm Wednesday 04 December 2002
1034 39th St
Emeryville, CA 94608

Bring your own food/drinks


Greg Leyh - Advanced Lightning Facility
The Advanced Lightning Facility is a plan to construct two 12-story high transformer structures capable of generating 300ft lightning discharges continuously through open air -- delivering current intensities equal to those of natural terrestrial strikes. Preliminary machine design concepts and proposed research will be discussed.

Greg Leyh started Lightning On Demand (LOD) in 1996 as a focus for designing and constructing a Tesla coil system that would operate at this limit. In addition to posing an interesting engineering challenge, this facility will provide a unique scientific research platform for studying natural lightning phenomena -- and operate as an world-class educational attraction for the general public. Greg works at SLAC and is a long-time SRL alumnus.

Gregory Cowley - Fractured Cinema
Greg will be presenting the hardware and software behind the slide projector control system that he uses to create live visual and auditory performances. It's based on a Macromedia Director "sequencer" which sends signals in real time to a custom projector interface. The projectors are tightly synchronized to play back looped "film" animations shot with a motor driven 35mm camera. Greg creates "live films" through breaking down the elements of cinema into easily manipulated units.

Gregory Cowley is a San Francisco based visual artist working in electronic projection media and performance. His tools include a variety of technologies, ranging from traditional arts and photography, to work with electronics and computer technologies. His creations most often exist as performances and time based presentations. Gregory teaches advanced digital media to students at the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC). While working toward the BFA in Graphic Design, He studied at Lancashire Polytechnic in Preston, England.

Scott Arford - Beware the Image
Scott gives a video lecture that he has prepared by going through his library of material that he has done since 1994. It's to illustrate a certain path or direction, a train of thought that the work has taken, one which although he didn't know it at the time, has led him to where he is now. It's really an evolution of an idea. Scott raises ideas about the image, about abstraction, representation, meaning and experience.

As a diverse electronic artist, Scott Arford has completed many different projects with sound and video. Working alone and with collaborators, his projects include solo sound and visual performances, low frequency spacial-acoustic explorations, fully immersive multimedia installations and performances. In 1995 Arford founded 7hz, a warehouse/performance space dedicated to supporting live electronic experimental media. Arford has presented his works throughout the US and Europe.

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