dorkbotsf   dorkbotSF #5


People doing strange things with electricity


7:30pm Wednesday 15 January 2003
The Ranch
1433 Van Dyke Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124

Bring your own food/drinks


MakingThings - Introduction to Teleo Technology
Teleo is a modular set of components for building kinetic and interactive systems, devices or machines. Teleo spans mechanical hardware, through microcontroller boards, all the way to software libraries and applications. TeleoMax Introductory Set includes a Multi-IO Module, a USB Translator, and Power Module that can be programmed using Max Software. There is also a Servo Module that controls up to 8 servos, a Digital Out Module which has 12 output ports, a couple of Motor Controller Modules (10 Amp and 2 Amp), among others. All of these Modules work with MacOS 9, OSX, Windows and Linux.

MakingThings has most recently completed a successful Beta program with CCAC's Film Video Performance Department, Interface Class.

MakingThings was founded in 1998, by David Williams, Anne Swabb and Michael Shiloh. Together they have over 40 years combined experience in the technology industry, ranging from engineering to art and design disciplines. It is their goal to offer people more efficient, economical solutions for creating projects from the most complex software to hardware applications, interactive environments and embedded systems.

Jack Napier - An Introduction to the Mechanics of [Neon] Outdoor Advertising Improvement by Billboard Liberation Front
There are many reasons to want to hack a billboard. The BLF has their reasons, and they don't presume to judge yours. In this talk, BLF co-founder Jack Napier makes a conscious effort to steer clear of ideology and stick to methodology. The procedures outlined here are based on BLF's 20 years experience executing billboard improvements professionally, safely, and (knock wood) without injury or arrest. BLF doesn't claim to know it all when it comes to this type of work but we have tried over the years, to raise the general standards in the field. Graphic overlays that do not damage the underlying billboard are one of our techniques. Media outreach for maximum exposure is a concept that we have always employed and encourage others to use. Effective ground security and escape planning are concepts we have taken seriously and council others to employ in their work. We hope that if we've had any influence in the field of outdoor advertising improvement that it has been to encourage the raising of technical standards and the finished quality of the work. Truly creative people in any field will always move beyond the ideas they swiped from others. Nothing is new under the sun. There is no new idea. It's all about style.

Jack Napier is BLF co-founder, spokesman, and in charge of field operations. For a glimpse of this enigmatic character's attitude on billboard modifcation, check this interview

Violet Blue - Bizzare But True Tales of Sex and Electricity with demonstration
Once the use of electricity became available for doctors, and later consumers, strange and unusual devices were created and used for sexual stimulation. From Victorian-era medical applications and curing "female hysteria" to the invention of the battery -- and beyond to today's dominatrixes employing the fearful "Folsom Box" or "Violet Wand," Violet takes us on a tour of the many ways in which humans get off on electricity. Please be advised that explicit language and imagery will occur during this presentation.

Violet Blue is a full-time monkey with a typewriter at Good Vibrations, where she writes book and video reviews and gets in trouble a lot for writing prank advertising copy. She is the author of two books about human sexuality, the editor of two erotic anthologies, and is currently losing her fragile hold on sanity completing a fifth book about something really really dirty that her publisher won't let her talk about yet. She is also under contract for four more books, and plans to write them all with fingers greasy from working on machines at Survival Research Laboratories, where she has been a wrench-turning member for seven years.

Many thanks to Mad Max for hosting this month's dorkbot.

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