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People doing strange things with electricity


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7:00pm Wednesday
12 February 2003

Splat Cave
3201 3rd Street, 2nd Floor
(its the other end of 3rd street that is south of Cezar Chavez. it's 3rd & Marin.
Big monkeybrains sign on the building.

Bring your own food/drinks

Please come early, we are running Seemen machines afterwards



No show, bah: Jan Borchers - Personal Orchestra: Conducting the Vienna Philharmonic
Personal Orchestra is the first system to let you conduct an actual digital audio and video recording of a real orchestra (the Vienna Philharmonic in fact), and let you change dynamics, voicing emphasis, and tempo(!) in real time. It uses Don Buchla's infrared baton system as input device, and the orchestra will even complain if you conduct too badly. Personal Orchestra has been in use as a successful public exhibit with hundreds of visitors each day in the award-winning HOUSE OF MUSIC VIENNA in Austria since 2000.

Jan Borchers is Acting Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, where he works on post-desktop user interfaces for interactive rooms, interaction with multimedia, and user interface design patterns in Stanford's Interactivity Lab. He has been known to occasionally turn his research into interactive exhibits.

Ron Yeh and Eric Lee present.
Eric Lee is a Masters student in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. His academic interests include computer graphics/multimedia and human-computer interaction. Currently, he is working with Professor Jan Borchers on his Personal Orchestra system.
Ron B. Yeh is a PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University, specializing in Human Computer Interaction. His interests revolve around educational and entertainment technologies for kids. He is currrently working with Jan Borchers and Eric Lee on the Personal Orchestra.

M. Millivolt - Small Sparks and Shocks
M. Millivolt will make the electromagnetic force intuitive and accessible through dangerous interactive demonstrations of various electrical devices. In addition to the more creative uses of violet wands, TENS units and tazers, small tesla coils, marx generators, and van de graaf generators will be displayed.

M. Millivolt (aka Remark) was a mortal born in the shadow of the great man in the silver suit. He specializes in the sights, sounds and sensations of small sparks.

Kal Spelletich - Fear As A Medium for Social Change
Fear of death brings about social change. Kal uses fear as a medium to elicit enlightenment from the audience. Machines, like wild animals can be unpredictable and dangerous. Kal is trying to come up with interfaces between humans and these machines, operating them via biomorphic inputs in an attempt to meld machines and humans to become one organism. In a fun, conceptual way Kal's work attempts to generate the kind of enlightenment gained by some near death experiences. Using technology to put people back in touch with intense real life experiences and to empower them, it has been said, everything in life is about power, beauty, money, violence, the ultimate abuse of power is to make someone suffer. Kal's work is always interactive, requiring a participant to enter or operate the piece, often against their instincts of self-preservation.

For this dorkbot, Kal will explore interfaces between dogs and machines with the lovely, gigantic Slug as machine operator.

SEEMEN is the collaborative effort of Kal Spelletich and some forty odd art drop outs and extreme technology inventors who enjoy building extreme machines and robots that they allow their audience to operate. There is NO OTHER ART LIKE THIS IN THE WORLD! This is an art that is a mix of robots, machines, sculpture, computers, science, inventions, audience interaction and storytelling. We are only interested in giving audiences a real life experience, not a passive virtual one. The actions of their robots poetically symbolize mans struggles and triumphs.

Many thanks to Rudy Rucker for hosting this month's dorkbot

if you would like to speak at a future dorkbotsf, please contact Karen Marcelo