dorkbotsf:   dorkbotSF #7 1st Anniversary


People doing strange things with electricity


7:30pm Wednesday
4 June 2003

place: HQ
1005 Market Street #216
San Francisco (between 6th and 7th street)
Follow the instructions on how to dial for access at the door.
Dial 216 and when you are buzzed in go straight ahead and DOWN the stairs.
It will be the most obvious door toward the left.

Stay for 1 Year Anniversary After-Party
Hors d'oeuvres from Unicorn Precinct XIII
dj polymorf
Please bring additional food/drink


aka The Space Formerly Known As New Hack City

Stuff for sale

We wish to thank the following people
for helping dorkbot happen the past year with their
generosity, time, and being just all around kick ass friends!

Marc Powell (unicorn precinct xiii), Mark Pauline (srl), Abstrakt Zone: vordo + stevepi,
Mad Max of the Ranch, Rudy Rucker (, Kevin Caulfield, Charlie Gadeken (,
Jeff Wishnie, Bryson Gardner, Pete Mcomber, and all the fascinating speakers the last year
- Thank you!


Tim Thompson - Key Kit: Happy Feet, Joy Balls, and other Tune Toys
Wireless joysticks, playstation dance pads, and webcams are the devices that Tim Thompson has been using lately to control his algorithmic music toys - all developed using KeyKit, a freely-available programming language designed for realtime MIDI experimentation. A multi-window GUI with pull-off menus and buttons was written using the language itself, making it uniquely extensible. This talk will demonstrate KeyKit using Tim's recent explorations and musical toys.

Tim Thompson is a software developer and musician who has been developing and using KeyKit for more than 17 years. His website has a variety of interactive web-based music toys which use KeyKit for their processing.

Dan Bornstein - A Little Bit About The Hiptop
Danger makes a mobile communications platform known as the "hiptop" which is currently incarnated as the Sidekick, a handheld device that is both a cellphone and internet appliance.

Dan Bornstein works on the software that runs inside the device, and he'll describe the system in general and talk about the programming model and relatively new developer program, and he will be happy to at least take a stab at answering questions you might have about the device.

Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum aka Dr. Friendly
Doctor Friendly will present a rocket-powered overview of complexity and artificial life and how they relate to love and art. This segue into a performance with intelligent live self-generating graphics and sound, followed by unstructured organism-audience interaction.

In 1981 the twelve-year old future Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum, now Dr. Friendly, read astronomy textbooks, programmed TRS-80s, wrote poetry, and wandered in the woods.Next came a career in physics, culminating in a Ph.D. from Stanford and a job in Silicon Valley commercializing a technology he had pioneered. His artistic vision was first realized in the Nebulous Entity which irradiated the 1999 Burning Man festival. Since March 2000 he has worked exclusively on programmed sensory environment-instruments and science fiction myth-making.

Many thanks to Polymorf for hosting this month's dorkbot.

If you would like to speak at a future dorkbotsf, please contact Karen Marcelo