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People doing strange things with electricity

Rich Gibson's images

7:30pm Wednesday
14 January 2004

false profit
43 Norfolk Street
San Francisco


Free Admission (but any donations to our hosts false profit would be much appreciated)

Bring your own food and drink!
Free samples from Cabaret Chocolates!
But there will be some gift boxes for sale. So bring money - have chocolate for dinner!


Collaged images of false profit from Cassidy Curtis. Graffiti art by D23 and others:


Cassidy Curtis - Graffitti Archaeology

Graffiti Archaeology ( is the obsessive study of how graffiti-covered walls change over time. The project is an interactive timelapse collage of photos of San Francisco graffiti from 1998 to the present. Using Flash, Photoshop, my own photos, and photos gathered from other photographers and archives on the web, I have reconstructed a portion of this city's rich history of street art. Have you ever wished you could peel back the paint and see what's underneath? Now you can.

Cassidy Curtis ( is a compulsive dilettante living in San Francisco. His previous obsessions include the Telestereoscope (with Chris Whitney, Burning Man 2000), the Alphabet Synthesis Machine (with Golan Levin, 2001), and Computer-Generated Watercolor (SIGGRAPH 1997). He funds these useless contraptions by doing real work: animating funny talking animals for the movies at PDI/DreamWorks.

Barrett Fox - Creating Independent and Solo CG Animated Short Films

While technologists tirelessly trumpet the democratization of media even as media conduits ceaselessly consolidate, a place where the rubber and the road are making contact is in CG animation. Solo and small independent CG animations are not only being nominated for Oscars but more importantly, are allowing artists to express peronal ideas. Fox will outline the process of creating CG animation using design, storyboard, modeling and animation examples from his latest short animated film in progress, The Game to Save the World.

Barrett Fox has over nine years of experience with real-world animation productions and has been teaching and writing about 3-D graphics for nearly eight years. His work has been published in 3DGate, 3D Magazine, Cadence, and other publications. Fox's real-time and rendered animations, including Syringe Man, Carpal Funnel and the Information Overload Overlords, have been shown at numerous conferences, animation festivals and web venues including the Webby Awards, Siggraph and the Game Developers Conference. After starting his career as a videogame artist, Fox has written, produced, animated, and directed dozens of widely variegated 3-D animated projects from the earliest examples of real-time 3-D characters on the Web, to animating characters with markerless, camera-based motion capture. Fox's recently published book, 3ds max 6 Animation: CG Filmmaking from Concept Completion is an in-depth guide to making short animated films.

Kris Bell - Of Animated Clothing and Caml Rides

Here we take a look at a new approach to active/interactive clothing using a Nyx Illuminated Jacket for demonstration purposes. Kris will regurgitate the project history (from a software perspective) whilst presenting both the embedded functionality and associated animation-tool 'Caml Studio'

Kris is a member of the Nyx group and represents the firmware/software arm of the operation. He made the mistake of helping Nyx select an appropriate micro-controller for their display technology, and subsequently got lumbered with all things related.

Many thanks to Adam Megacz of false profit for hosting this month's dorkbot.

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