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People doing strange things with electricity

images and video from dav coleman
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People Doing Strange Things with Fire (aka Stone Age Electricity)

7:30pm Wednesday
21 July 2004

the Shipyard
1010 Murray St
People's Republic of Berkeley


Free Admission

Shipyard Bar will be open but feel free to Bring Your Own Booze / Food

The Shipyard


Scott Kildall - Computer-controlled Fire Art

Scott Kildall will discuss three separate fire installations he has worked on for Burning Man from 2001-2003: The Play Plane Crashground, The Octopus Car and The Pyrocycles. He will demonstrate and detail basic flamethrower design, show video of some of the projects and discuss use of embedded systems to control fire systems. The end of the talk will conclude with a demonstration of last year's project, The Pyrocycles.

Scott Kildall builds sculpture, always performative and interactive in nature, and has shown his work at many galleries and underground venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also designed several fire-based installations to wide acclaim at the Burning Man festival. His technical expertise includes welding, editing video, programming microcontrollers, building electronics and developing controlled pyrotechnic systems. His is committed to expanding access to arts through teaching, leading collaborative projects and drawing upon specialized knowledge of colleagues. He is currently an instructor at The Crucible in the Kinetics department and currently works out of a studio at an undisclosed location in the Bayview District of San Francisco.

The Shipyard Circle of Dork

"I had not anticipated that the work would present any great difficulites . . ."

- Sir Ernest Shackleton, South pole explorer, 1915.

At the Shipyard, fire and metal arts meet gearhead geek's a round-robin look at what's fresh off the slab at the Shipyard, including (but not limited to)these current projects:

- Jim Mason: Shipyard intro
- Jake Lyall: The Riot Wheel (mono wheel land speed record attempt)
- Scott Bartlett: home-made jet engine
- Tom McCarty and peef: the Shipyard's off-the-grid power system
- hazmatt (Matthew Snyder): EST (Experiments in Spherical Transportation) geodesic spheres with internal vehicles
- Kiki Pettit: Firefall demo
- Ryon Gesink: FuckMachine

afterdork may or may not include the F*%K Machine, vendodemo, video/works of artist-in-residence Barry Schwartz, and other events...

The Shipyard is a collaborative build space for large-scale mechanical, kinetic and electronic artwork. With 27 shipping containers arrayed around the perimenter of a 11,000 sq ft outdoor lot, the Shipyard provides a flexible space to create ambitious large-scale art and technology projects- projects that are often difficult to realize in typical indoor warehouse spaces.

Each citizen of The Shipyard has his/her own shipping container(s) where they can store materials and/or set up small shops and studios. The large center open air courtyard is a shared space where they can store materials and/or set up small shops and studios. The large center open air courtyard is a shared space where people can spread out temporarily when working on bigger efforts. This combination of small dedicated shop areas with a large shared space gives everyone access to significant acreage to build, while at the same time maintaining core resources in personally controlled work spaces.

Many thanks to Jim Mason and the Shipyard crew for hosting this month's dorkbot, Maribeth Back for rounding up the circle.

If you would like to speak at a future dorkbotsf, please contact Karen Marcelo

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