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7:30pm Wednesday
27 October 2004

dimension 7
150 Folsom @ Main
San Francisco CA

Free Admission but donations to our hosts very much appreciated!

Cash bar provided by Dimension7


Thomas Williams - VJ Morphology

Thomas will begin with an overview of his work as a VJ, including animations from the mid 90s to present. Then he will present some of his experiments in real-time 3D music visualization (using Director), and discuss the some of the art forms (the demo scene) and languages (director and processing) and VJ apps (Flow Motion and Zuma) that are emerging as new tools for the synaesthetic VJ. Finally he will conclude with a demonstration of a game he has created and coded, Ask Qatar, which is a remake of the I Ching.

Thomas Williams is a painter turned sculptor turned 3d designer turned 3d programmer. He lived San Francisco for a decade during the techno boom, but recently transplanted to less turbulent terrain in Los Angeles. His primary artistic expression over the years has been VJing, which is the art of manipulating or generating video in real time to music. He went into VJ retirement in 2002 and spent that time learning programming. He has recently returned to the VJ scene armed with a new dimension in his toolkit.

Lynn Hershman Leeson - DiNA

in collaboration with Colin Klingman, Kyle Stephan, and Stephanie Chu

DiNA is an Artificial Intelligent agent running for Tele-President. She will wage a campaign for both actual and virtual election and will be capable of collecting votes and demographics. She is capable of learning and evaluating current news events and relaying them immediately to users. This agent converses in real time, remember their questions and names, is tied to the internet, and is expert on current changing events.

Lynn Hershman Leeson received the prestigious Golden Nica Prix Ars Electronica (the highest award given in the field of Interactive Digital Art), in 1999 for a networked telerobotic site specific installation commissioned for the ZKM Mediammuseum in Germany. She was named the most influential woman working in media. She wrote, directed and produced, Teknolust, starring Tilda Swinton which premiered in the American Showcase of the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and is being distributed internationally. It received The Alfred P. Sloan Film Prize, awarded for the a film that explores science and technology themes with originality and insight, challenging existing stereotypes.

She was awarded the ZKM/Seimens Media Arts Award (1994), Sundance Screenwriter Fellow and Flintridge Foundation Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Visual Arts (1998). Her artwork is held in numerous collections, including the Museum of Modern Art (New York), The National Gallery of Canada, DG Bank (Frankfurt), The Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), The William Lehmbruch Museum (Duisburg), the ZKM Mediammuseum (Karlsruhe) and The Hess Collection.

The Henry Art Gallery of Seattle will curate a major international museum retrospective of her work to tour in 2006-2008. The University of California Press will publish a monograph of Lynn's work in 2005 titled Secret Agent, Private I, The Art and Film of Lynn Hershman Leeson. She is a Professor of Digital Art in the Techno Cultural Studies Program at the University of California, Davis. Beginning 2005, Lynn Hershman will be joining Toni Morrison, Andy Goldsworthy, Olver Sacks, and others as an A.D. White Professor at Large at Cornell University.

Garnet Hertz - Control (Communication in the Animal and the Machine): Cockroach-controlled Mobile Robot

Garnet Hertz will be showing his most recent prototype: a cockroach-controlled mobile robot system. The system uses a living Madagascan hissing cockroach atop a modified trackball to control the three-wheeled robot. Infrared sensors also provide navigation feedback to create a semi-intelligent system, with the cockroach as the CPU.

Garnet Hertz is a Canadian media artist, Fulbright Scholar, and Research Fellow at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology. Hertz is currently developing his work under the auspices of the interdisciplinary Arts/Computation/Engineering Graduate Program at the University of California Irvine, supervised by Simon Penny.

Garnet Hertz's works are formulations in hybridity: his current projects involve the development of technology/life systems, incorporating embedded webservers, miniature cameras, robotics and living organisms into uncanny, chimeric experiments. Current theoretical interests include science, technology and society and the congruous historical/contemporary narrative of hybridity, life and embodiment.

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Many thanks to the dimension 7 crew: Michael O'Rourke, Grant Davis, Ami Sun for hosting this month's dorkbot.

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