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Images and video from Karen Marcelo
Images from Scott Beale

7:30pm Wednesday
i9 October 2005

Science Bldg, Room 210 1600 Holloway Ave.

San Francisco, CA
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Feel free to bring food and drink to share (no alcohol though, it's a school after all...)

dorkbotSF After Party @ BaGG FREE 11:30ish (if you RSVP'd in time but try saying you are a dork, that might work...)
For those planning on BaGGing it after, feel free to come in drag if you like

SFSU - Science Building Room 210


Mike Estee - Home Cookin' with SMT

Surface mount technology is the recent past, growing present, and inevitable future of electronic art, but for most DIY'ers it is still an intimidating undertaking. Where to begin? I will be giving a live demonstration of the toaster oven technique, discussing the basic tools needed to get started, and giving a general overview of how to design an SMT project. It's a lot easier and faster than you think! I hope it inspires others to take the plunge.

Michael Estee has been a professional software engineer since he arrived in sunny California 9 years ago. After becoming disillusioned with software as a recreational pastime he took it upon himself to learn the hardware engineering and manufacturing techniques necessary to realize his ideas, and to spread this knowledge with other like minded electronic artists. Past projects include an optical encoder based MIDI controller, portable battery powered self sequencing lights for a 22' ferris wheel, Pong implemented with robotic club lighting, drum machine triggered strobes, and various others. QuickTopic free message boards
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Michael Shiloh - All My Robots Are Belong To You

What I provide:

  • A robot running Linux. It includes a compiler, an editor, and an ssh server.
  • Sample applications, available on the robot and at
  • The robot has 4 light sensors at right angles to each other.
  • The robot has 2 distance measuring sensors pointing forward
  • The robot may have 4 whiskers if I get them working in time
  • The robot has two wheels, each independently controllable
What you do:
  • Bring a laptop with an SSH client
  • Ssh into the robot, write your own program (either from scratch or based on one of my samples),compile, run, debug.
  • You can also prepare the program in advance and scp it onto the robot at dorkbot. You'll be ahead of everyone else.
What robot does:
  • Robot does what you tell it to do QuickTopic free message boards
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    Jacob Appelbaum - Finding Uplinks in Unlikely Places

    Jake discusses the different ways he's found uplinks from wacky far away places. Satellite connections, cell modems, fiber, analog modems, wifi, HAM radio, etc

    Jake is a photographer, Unix hacker and world traveler who spends his time working with NGO and NP groups.
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    Many thanks to David Calkins for hosting this month's dorkbot.

  • If you would like to speak at a future dorkbotSF contact Karen Marcelo (dorkbotsf [@] dorkbot [.] org)

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