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7:30pm Wednesday
26 April 2006

132 Eddy
San Francisco, CA

FREE ADMISSION but donations most welcome to help out our generous hosts!

Feel free to bring food to share
CASH BAR | 21 + only



Mikey Sklar - DIY RFID Implants

Mikey Sklar will be explaining the process he used to install a $2 RFID tag in his left hand. His talk will cover why he choose to do this, the necessary materials, different tag options, and what he and other people have been doing with these tags.

Mikey Sklar has been working on wearable electronics since 2002. During most of that time he had been working as a UNIX Admin at a investment bank in New York City. His projects normally make use of a microcontroller and are made using open source software. He recently has taken his hobby from part time to full time and has moved from NYC to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to open a fire art school (2007) with his partner Wendy Tremayne.
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Craig Latta - Quoth: interactive fiction meets musical livecoding

You are lost in a maze of twisty little passages, all making noise. A tall figure appears from a dark corner. "Hey, come this way," he says. "I'll show Quoth to you. It's this weird system I made for improvising digital music using English. We'll put together some musical structures and explore around inside them. If all goes well, we'll make some interesting computer music in a way that's both entertaining and accessible to an audience." You might as well follow him; it beats being eaten by a grue.

Craig Latta has been doing strange things with electricity for many moons, mostly musical. After studying music and computer science at UC Berkeley, he helped develop ridiculous ideas at Atari Games, Interval Research, and IBM Watson Research. He is currently a member of the improvisational computer music group TOPLAP (
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