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mp3 from James Young

7:30pm Wednesday
8 November 2006

Encounter Studio
555 De Haro Street Suite 120
San Francisco, CA

Guest Curator: Jonathan Moore!

FREE ADMISSION but donations most welcome to help out our generous hosts!

Feel free to bring snacks and booze to share!

Live Video Stream courtesy of MonkeyBrains!!! Thanks Rudy and Alex!

encounter studio

Note our new venue, which is a live/work space. In order not to inconvenience the residents, we will be more proactive about both starting on time (7:30!) and keeping on schedule (30 min per speaker). There is limited parkng on site, so please try street parking. As usual, please arrive on time or earlier for the best seating, and donations to our hosts are always appreciated.


Greg Hazel - Incoherence: Stereo Field Spectrum Analysis

Incoherence displays stereo field and frequency information together, in real-time. It can show frequency-dependant phase information in an intuitive way. The demo will include an introduction to the display layout, basic functions and music demonstrations.

Greg and Steven Hazel started OMG Audio in 2004 to develop an application for visualizing the stereo field in an intuitive way. Greg was attending school for audio production at the time, and came up with the idea based on explanantions of stereo mixing. Steve pitched in with his knowledge of FFTs, and they wrote the first version of Incoherence in their free time over the course of the next several months.
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Matt Chisholm and Ross Cohen - The Neighborhood Project

The Neighborhood Project is creating a map of city neighborhoods based on the collective opinions of internet users. Addresses and neighborhood data are translated into latitude and longitude values, and then drawn on a map. The address and neighborhood data are collected from housing posts on Craigslist, and from people filling out a form on the web. It is an experiment in collective knowledge. The more people who add their opinion to the database, the more accurate the neighborhood boundaries become.

Matt Chisholm has degrees in Mathematics and Linguistics from UC Santa Cruz, has worked for BitTorrent, and is a co-founder of He's created other generative art projects such as Alphabet Soup and the DeX playing card generator. Ross Cohen has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, was CTO at BitTorrent, and currently works for He also is the author of the next-generation, distributed version control system Codeville.
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Simone Davalos - El Espanol Borracho
Bjoern Harman - Color Field Camera

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