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Video Interview of the harborers of blinky "infernal machines" courtesy of Geek Entertainment TV's Eddie Codel

7:30pm Monday
19 February 2007

Encounter Studios
555 DeHaro Suite 120
San Francisco, CA

FREE ADMISSION but donations to our host Encounter Studios most welcome!

Tamales from Son of Tamale Lady

Encounter Studios

Greg Leyh - In Pursuit Of Relativistic Runaway Breakdown -- A Proposal to Construct A Lightning Laboratory At The Megascale

Including a 20 minute video of Electrum before the talk

Greg Leyh is a pulsed-power systems engineer at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, currently developing the ILC Marx modulator for the International Linear Collider. He is also principal engineer for the Nevada Lightning Laboratory, a proposed research facility for directly exploring the large-scale physics of atmospheric electricity in it's many forms. In 1996 he formed Lightning On Demand to pursue the ultimate realization of this facility. In 1997, he designed the Electrum Project, a kinetic lightning sculpture currently operating in New Zealand. Electrum represents the first critical step in developing design techniques and scaling laws essential to the large-scale architecture of the Nevada Lightning Laboratory.
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Monochrom -

monochrom will discuss the numerous art prankster things they've done that are also doing strange things with electricity, their dorkbot Vienna adventures (which they organize so if anyone is in vienna and wants to present -these are the guys you should see!) they, along with shifz also put on a yearly cocktail robotics festival roboxotica

monochrom is a worldwide operating collective dealing with technology, art, context hacking, and philosophy which was founded in 1993. They specialize in an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, and political activism. Their mission is conducted everywhere, but first and foremost "in culture-archaeological digs into the seats (and pockets) of ideology and entertainment."

Among their projects, monochrom has released a leftist retro-gaming project, established a one baud semaphore line through the streets of San Francisco, started an illegal space race through Los Angeles, buried people alive in Vancouver, and cracked the hierarchies of the art system with the Thomann Project. In Austria they ate blood sausages made from their own blood in order to criticize the grotesque neoliberal formation of the world economy. Sometimes they compose melancholic pop songs about dying media and they have hosted the first annual festival concerned with cocktail robotics. At the moment they're planning a conference about pornography as one of the driving forces of technological innovation. They also do international soul trade, propaganda camps, epic puppet theater, aesthetic pregnancy counseling, food catering, and - sorry to mention - modern dance.
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OPEN DORK as usual!

Simran Gleason - generative music from gravity equations in an n-body simulator
Jonathan Moore - his external combustion cocktail robot from Roboxotica 2006!
Raj - TikiGraffiti: using graffiti and street art to combat wordpress spam
Eddie Codel presents Jonathan Lassoff : Magic Safire : Michelle Clay - the infamouse LED Mooninite Boston Bomb Scare and How They Found Their's In San Francisco

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