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7:30pm Wednesday
02 May 2007

Chez Poulet
3359 Cesar Chavez @ Mission
San Francisco, CA

GUEST MC Rudy Rucker the Younger

FREE ADMISSION but donations to our host Chicken John most welcome!

CASH BAR 21+ | Snacks from Unicorn Precinct XIII

Chez Poulet

Rudy Rucker, The Elder - PsiPunk!

Rudy Rucker's desire for software immortality brought us cyberpunk lit, the blog, and the vlog. His new kick is getting rid of digital machines via hylozoism and telepathy --- so that objects are alive and you can talk to them. He explains how this is inspiring his new psipunk trilogy and speculates what new tech it'll usher in.

Rudy Rucker studied mathematics, earning a Ph.D. from Rutgers in the theory of infinate sets. After 15 years as a mathematics professor, he moved to Silicon Valley to become a computer science professor at San Jose State University, also working as a software engineer at Autodesk. Rucker has published 28 books, including 5 non-fiction popular science books. A founder of the cyberpunk school of science-fiction, Rucker often writes SF in a realistic style known as transrealism. In his latest novel, MATHEMATICIANS IN LOVE, two Berkeley grad students woo the same woman and open a gateway to alternate worlds. In Rucker's next novel, POSTSINGULAR, nanotechnology augments mental powers and the heroes prevent Earth from becoming a cloud of nanomachines. Rucker is currently writing a sequel, HYLOZOIC, in which every object on Earth comes to life.
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Daniela Steinsapir - Recycling Junk

Recycling Junk refers to artwork that is inspired by the psychological impact that mass media- and mass production have on our society. It is especially interesting to re-make those mass produced objects that seem no longer relevant to our society and transform them into new realities, changing our memories and our perceptions of them.

Daniela Steinsapir is an artist from Chile. She works at the Shipyard and she teaches Art at The Nueva School. She has an MFA from SFSU in the Conceptual Information Arts department and She did her B.A at IACC in Media Arts in Santiago, Chile.
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