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7:30pm Wednesday
28 May 2008

Polly Harrold's Sometime Gallery
4701 San Leandro, #15c
Oakland CA 94601

In the big green building @ the Dutchboy, south of High Street in East Oakland Park on the street | Stroll to the rear | Look for signs | The gallery is up three flights of stairs

Menu for the evening, edibles by Eva Destruction

  • Hamms $2
  • Homemade Sangria $2
  • Koka-Kola $1
Polenta Square with Pesto and Goat Cheese $2
Roasted Veggies and Hummus in a Lavash wrap (vegan) $5
Chocolate Chip cookies 2/$1

Polly Harrold's Sometime Gallery

DV Rogers - Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork (PIEQF)

The Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork (PIEQF) is a geologically interactive, kinetic earthwork that will take place in the township of Parkfield, Central California between the 28th June and 28th September 2008. This machine controlled installation converges a USGS reported Californian earthquake list with the near real time control of a hydraulically actuated earthquake shake table. Each time an earthquake occurs, an array of 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch steel rods attached to the shake table will oscillate and resonate, reflecting the dynamic nature of the Californian landscape

Born in New Zealand and raised on earthquakes, D.V.Rogers has spent a a good part of the past ten years re-engineering an earthquake shake table. Collaborating with seismologist Andy Michael of the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, this summer the shake table will be installed on the San Andreas Fault in the remote central Californian township of Parkfield.

Jeff Wishnie - Harsh Computing: Designing Computing and Communications System for Way Out There

Inveneo is non-profit that designs, implements and deploys computing and communications systems in the toughest of environments: the remote rural developing world. We will show off some of our toys and describe the key considerations when deploying computers out there--like a school hours away from the nearest urban center: Timbuktu. We'll also discuss some of our surprise adversaries including rats, bees, and the International Committee for the Red Cross

Jeff Wishnie, CTO. Jeff was your typical San Francisco serial entrepreneur working for or founding start-ups since 1989. Now he prefers climbing towers in 100° weather various places in Africa.

Jim Wiggins, Señor Software Engineer, has a programming background that goes back to the mid-80's at JPL. Recently returned from 2 years of traveling the world, he chose a job that keeps him on the road. His first field trip was this April to Sierra Leone

Jeremy Bornstein - Introduction to Soapmaking

Making soap can be easy and entertaining. Online materials are of extremely uneven quality and tend to obscure the fundamental simplicity of the task. Jeremy will explain the basics, discuss how to formulate a recipe for soap (including using a genetic algorithm), and give a demonstration. Bring some oil or scents to (possibly) throw in the pot if you like!

Jeremy Bornstein is a consumer of new hobbies, soapmaking being the most recent in a long list of sometimes impractical, sometimes dangerous, and sometimes merely annoying activities.

Jeremy Bornstein, Introduction to Soapmaking, Dorkbot-SF, 2008-05-29 from pronoiac on Vimeo.

David Calkins - Robogames

Robots, robots, robots! This summer, hundreds of robots come to San Francisco from around the world to compete in the world's largest robot event. With over 70 events, theres a robot competition for everyone - autonomous sumo robots, walking humanoids, 220 pound combat robots, fire-breathing cocktail makers and fire-fighting automotons. That's a lot of robots.

Everyone all knows the infamous arch-villain of the robotics society and basically anything robots. (among many other things too clandestine to mention).

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