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Images from Toshi Hoo

7:30pm Wednesday
10 September 2008

Million Fishes
2501 Bryant St
San Francisco CA 94110


FREE ADMISSION but DONATIONS to our hosts much appreciated.

$5 AFTER 10pm

There will be music from the Blankethead and RE/Search goodies for sale after the presentations!


M I L L I O N   F I S H E S

Carl Pisaturo - Orbit 2

The Orbit 2 machine is a tabletop sized "kinetic light sculpture" which moves LEDs rapidly through space on 2 axes, each with its own speed control. It can be compared to a Ferris wheel riding on a merry-go-round. With the LEDs reaching speeds of up to 100 mph, the eye sees only streaks of colored light forming various patterns. Sort of like a mechanical fire spinner.

Devoid of any practical knowledge yet wanting to make things, Carl learned enough electronics and mechanics to get increasingly complex projects done. In 1991 he took an applications engineer position at a Stanford research lab (where he works part time) "making the things that make science work", an ideal preparation for robotics and kinetic art.

Since 1995 Carl has been designing and constructing quality robotic, media, and kinetic art for fun and inverse profit. The work includes animatronic figures, automated kinetic sculpture, lighting control systems, stereo photography equipment, and persistence of vision illusions.

Recently, Carl has also been working on design and fabrication of damage-resistent robot hands in association with MEKA robotics.

Carl has a BA in Biology from Boston Universtiy and BS in Earth Science from UMASS.

Jonathan Jaffe - RIAA vs You

Is making a music file available on Kazaa a copyright infringement, or must actual transfer of the file occur? If the RIAA has its way, you will be liable just for having music files in your Kazaa share folder, even if no one downloads a single file from you.

The courts are split on the issue, but encouraging developments indicate the RIAA may finally be losing its fight to extort money from you. Jonathan Jaffe will present the basics of the RIAA campaign against you, the main theory upon which the campaign is often based, and how the courts are beginning to reject that theory.

Jonathan Jaffe is a senior security systems architect by day, fourth-year law student by night, and father of two all the time. Initially through the USF Law School's IP Internet Justice Law Clinic he has assisted numerous citizens attacked by the RIAA. He continues to do so on his own time while researching the developments of the RIAA's 'making available' theory for possible publication next year.

Jonathan Jaffe holds a B.A. in Architecture from UC Berkley and an M.A. in Japan Studies from U. of Washington

Rachel McConnell - Soft Circuits

Consider a Tribble that actually vibrates, or a pillow that lights up more brightly the harder you sit on it. And we are not talking about a circuit board with some fur hot-glued to it. Rachel has been electrifying soft toys for several years now, both on Instructables: Big Warm Fuzzy Secret Heart and Snailbot Races and at Make Magazine's Maker Faire. She'll be showing off some squishable but nevertheless electronic items, and discussing some techniques for making them.

Make Your Own Tribbles
Tribbles and ViBillows
Snailbot Races
Big Warm Fuzzy Secret Heart

Please mail Karen Marcelo (dorkbotSF [at] dorkbot [dot] org) if you would like to open dork (5-10 min mini-presentation)

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