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7:30pm Tuesday
25 November 2008

Retox Lounge
628 20th St @ 3rd
San Francisco CA 94107


FREE ADMISSION but DONATIONS to our hosts much appreciated.


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Retox Lounge

Laura Mappin - Laser Cutting

Laser cutters are the next ink jet printers. Soon everyone will have one or have easy access to one. But why? What can you do with one? In this short talk, Laura will show examples of cutting, etching, and engraving on plastics, woods, paper, fabric, and food, and more!

Laura Mappin uses her math and computer science degrees and 20 years experience with computer network protocols to put her friends' names on crackers, nuts, bananas, acrylic, wood. She also creates provocative doilies by cutting them out of silk with a laser cutter.

Trademark G - Touchscreen Video Controller for Live Mashups

TradeMark G. of The Evolution Control Committee ( www.Evolution-Control.Com) shows off a video controller for live mashups. Based on Johnny Chung Lee's Wiimote whiteboard hack, this rear-projected infrared-based faux touchscreen ended up being the solution for a performance bottleneck problem -- specifically, mousing quickly and accurately enough for live laptop show. Oh, and it looks one metric assload of a lot better on stage too.

TradeMark G. (aka Mark Gunderson) is a musician and artist, founder of the band The Evolution Control Committee in 1986. He is also a culture jammer, equipment designer, software designer, and organizer. The Evolution Control Committee is best known for its copyright-challenging stance, using found sounds to create new musical works at the risk of copyright violation. Over its full history The ECC has produced 16 full-length albums, a videotape, 2 seven-inch records, and even an 8-track tape and a wax cylinder recording. The ECC has appeared on air from CNN to C-SPAN and in print from Spin to US News & World Report.

TradeMark is the recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship Grant in Media Arts, and was an artist-in-residence (2004) and visiting alumni (2005, 2006) at the Headlands Center for the Arts. He has also given lectures and panel discussions at the University of San Francisco, University of Oregon, Headlands Center for the Arts, and festivals in Barcelona Spain, Utrekt Holland, and Sydney Australia.

Sam Coniglio - Designing the Orbital Lifestyle

Space Tourism has evolved in a few short years from science fiction to a viable business venture. Still in its "novelty" phase, the media and the general public have yet to catch onto the long term implications regular travel to the Moon and Earth orbit has for the human race. Samuel Coniglio is Vice President of the Space Tourism Society, and he and his associates are helping to design a positive vision of a future where vacations to space hotels are common. The lessons learned from creating luxury and comfort in an inhospitable environment while efficiently using resources can help Earthlings do the same at home. During this brief presentation, Samuel will show off models of space tourism products, and discuss the long term research of the Society.

Samuel Coniglio is photographer, designer, and promoter for the space tourism industry. He is Vice President of the Space Tourism Society, a non-profit research group developing the future of the nascent space tourism industry and designing related products and services. He designs products for the zero gravity lifestyle, including the world's first zero-gravity martini glass. Since 1997, he has presented papers, run conferences and conducted seminars on space tourism in the USA, Great Britain, and Germany.

Samuel's photographs document the evolution of the private space industry, focusing on the pioneers and their vehicles. In 2004 he photographed the flight of Space Ship One, the winner of the $10 million international Ansari X PRIZE competition. His photographs have been used by CBS, California Space Authority, Space Frontier Foundation, Yuri's Night, X PRIZE Foundation, National Space Society, Robotics Society of America, and WIRED.

Space Tourism Society
Space Frontier Foundation Advocate
Sam on Flickr

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