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7:30pm Wednesday
25 February 2009

1436 Howard St (between 10th and 11th)
San Francisco CA 94103


FREE ADMISSION but DONATIONS to our hosts much appreciated.


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Sasha Harris-Cronin - Behind the Scenes at California Academy of Sciences
with Jonathan Ross and Richard Shields

BBI Engineering recently finished working on Audio Visual Systems and many interactive exhibits at the California Academy of Sciences. This will be a behind the scenes look at some of the technologies they used and invented as well as some of the challenges encountered.

Sasha has been working in the museum field for six years now. She has a graduate degree in interactive art and technology from the ITP program at NYU. At BBI, she does everything from exhibit design to system design to programming to project management. She has worked on museums in Hawaii, Yellowstone, Las Vegas, and beyond. When not at BBI, she creates and curates political artworks.

Jonathan Foote - Robots and Things that Glow

Jonathan will show some things he's been working on recently, including SWARM spherical robots, Chassis the Drink-Serving Robot, assorted lighting installations and art, and recent work-in-progress including the Ripple Matrix and a high-powered LED color engine.

Jonathan Foote is a recovering research scientist with a background in machine learning and electronics. He does technical consulting to pay the rent and the balance of his time doing lighting design and building robots.

Mitch Altman - TV-B-Gone: From Thought to (Bizarre and Cool) Reality

Like all projects, TV-B-Gone universal remote control started off as a thought. More of a fantasy, really. Yet one that Mitch somehow knew he could follow through on. In this talk Mitch will show how the notion of turning off TVs in public places ended up taking over his life, providing he and his friends a living, and creating a new meme around the world. Along the way he points out some of hows and whys, as well as some of the more interesting and stressful aspects of the process. Mitch hopes to show why taking risks can be way worthwhile.

Though most known for inventing the wildly popular TV-B-Gone, a keychain that makes it fun to turn off TVs in public places, Mitch Altman is an inventor with a reputation for creating intriguing devices that amaze and delight, such as the Brain Machine, Trippy RGB Waves, and the Mignonette Game. Mitch co-founded 3ware (a Silicon Valley RAID controller company), and co-founded Noisebridge (a San Francisco hacker space). Mitch has written for MAKE Magazine and 2600 Journal, and for the last few years has traveled the world teaching people to solder and how to make cool things with microcontrollers. He is currently writing a book to teach total beginners how to make cool things with microcontrollers.

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