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7:30pm Wednesday
11 March 2009

Hat Factory
801 Minnesota St @ 20th #08
San Francisco CA 94107


FREE ADMISSION but DONATIONS to our hosts much appreciated.

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Tour The Hat Factory!
Hat Factory

Moldover - The Mojo-69: Musical Instrument FROM THE FUTURE

The Mojo-69 is the culmination of Moldover's five-year study of electronic music performance and instrument design. It is new kind of tactile human interface for music that combines elements of gaming consoles, music synthesizers, DJ mixers and traditional instruments. Moldover will explain how he created The Mojo, discuss what makes it a unique instrument, and rock out with it- for your musical enjoyment.

Known to 400,000 YouTube viewers as "The Godfather of Controllerism", Moldover has become the inspiration for a new generation of musicians and DJs. Famous for building, hacking and playing controllers with virtuosic skill, his dynamic performances transfuse new life into electronic music. With appearances on national television, coverage in major music publications, and countless live shows around the world, Moldover is in constant demand by people interested in the next evolution of music.

Dave Mathews - SOFTware is the new HARDware

Purpose built electronics have gone way to generic "do it all" platforms like DSPs and low cost processors within inexpensive netbooks, iPhone and Android mobile platforms, etc. What used to require expensive prototyping and manufacturing can often be built with software created in your lap. Here's a look at some inventions that raised hundreds of millions of dollars and can now be built and launched for next to nothing.

Dave Mathews is a consumer product expert specializing in the convergence of digital and entertainment devices. He holds nearly 40 U.S. patents and has appeared as a tech expert or host on some 300 television shows. Dave is a contributor to Ziff Davis' PC Magazine, O'Reilly's MAKE and other consumer-tech outlets as well as industry publications.

As a "white space inventor" Dave has helped companies such as Cloud Engines' PogoPlug, boxee, Sling Media's Slingbox, Radio Shack Corporation and Cypher Optics launch one of a kind innovative products. He was co-founder of Digital Convergence corporation, creator of the Cue Cat - a first consumer bar code reader and its associated CRQ "television to web" technologies. He's always looking for that next big idea.
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