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7:30pm Wednesday
12 October 2011

2169 Mission St. San Francisco (between 17th & 18th)

Empanadas from the Girl from Empanada:
Chilean Niman Ranch Beef
Mozzarella-Cheddar w/ a kick of jalapeno
Vegan Empanada made with Yves Meatless Ground

MC Polymorf

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Joe Grand - Breaking San Francisco's "Smart" Parking Meter

At the Black Hat Briefings in July 2009, Jake Appelbaum, Chris Tarnovsky, and I gave a presentation about "smart" electronic parking meters, the hardware hacking and reverse engineering processes, and a specific vulnerability of San Francisco's parking meter smartcard interface that enabled free parking to the unscrupulous attacker.

This dorkbot reprise skips the high-level fluff and focuses on the technical details of the parking meter hack, which has since been fixed...or has it?

Joe Grand is an electrical engineer, hardware hacker, and washed-up TV host.

Tim Dye - Weather Report - No Numbers, Just Colors

We are all drowning in data. Our ability to interpret data is increasingly challenging in today's hyper real-time world. Weather data is no exception. Why can't data displays be more intuitive and easier to understand?

Tim Dye's 21-year career in meteorology has been filled with numbers, predictions & maps. He's intrigued by gems of knowledge hidden in piles of data. He's always loved technology since his Commodore 64 computer in high school. Tim stumbled into art through a pottery class he took to balance his overly analytic, day-job brain. Recently, Tim's been exploring the integration of data, technology and art to create visual pieces.

Jake and Lilia Markham - Nuclear Analyzer

It's a good thing for people to start thinking about radiation, because it's coming.. the USA has learned nothing from Fukushima and all our reactors are 40+ years old and falling apart, and the NRC just keeps rubber-stamping lisence renewals. It will be helpful for people to be able to see what kind of radiation they're exposed to, as opposed to a simple radiation counter like a geiger counter.

Jake and Lilia are hackers at noisebridge who attended the hacker prom by telepresence, as a giant robot.

A website for a similar project and Jake's teacher:

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