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dorkbotSF Field Trip #4: Tank Tour at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation


Images from Karen Marcelo, Ray Munson, and Bruce Damer
Images from Nina Alter
Images from Todd Lappin

Video: Tank Tour - One of the Largest Collections of Historic Military Technology from BoingBoing Video

1:00pm - 4:00pm Saturday
11 April 2009

Military Vehicle Technology Foundation
Jacques Littlefield Official Website

Many thanks to Liz Ditz for inviting us for a tour of Jacques Littlefield's tanks. Many of the tank art work was also done by Omar Woodley currently a video game producer! To schedule a tour of your own see the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation website

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In attendance: Nina Alter, Asher, Kevin Binkert, Joanne Bloomfield, Eddie Codel, Bruce Damer, Larry Edelstein, Erin Elliot, Jonathan Foote, Frank Hausman, Todd Lappin, Karen Marcelo, Ray Munson, Aaron Muszalski, Thomas Nelson, John Pilgrim, Liisa Pine, North Pitney, Christopher Schardt, Allen Schoonmaker, Sean Schoonmaker, Deth Veggie, Jesse Zbikowski

If you would like to speak at a future dorkbotSF contact Karen Marcelo (dorkbotsf [@] dorkbot [.] org)

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