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Images from Karen Marcelo

Moldover demonstrates the Eddie Van Halen ef fect on the Robocaster
Moldover performs on the Robocaster
Robocaster software
Moldover shows us what accelerometers, infrared, controllers can do for a guitar
Balint Seeber's Police Checklist for SDR Usa ge and Airspace Data Visualized in 3D Live from Sydney via SDR

7:30pm Wednesday
19 September 2012

Langton Labs
9 Langton, SF CA (at 7th and Howard)


Grilled cheese and soup shots from @grilledcheezguy

Donations ($5-$20) to Langton Labs much appreciated. No one turned away for lack of funds
Many thanks to Peretz Partensky for hosting

Langton Labs
9 Langton, SF, CA

Brad Templeton - Robot Cars Will Change the World Far More Than You Think

Thanks to DARPA-sponsored contests and new work at Google, robot cars are no longer science fiction; they're coming within a decade. Their implications are quite remarkable -- and not just for transportation, where they can offer a mere saving of millions of lives, billions of hours and trillions of dollars. Robocars can change how we live and work, change our cities, change manufacturing, housing. Crucially in today's world, they also have the potential to make serious inroads on our energy and emissions problems. The talk will discuss the merits and downsides of robocars, potential paths to get there, roadblocks along the way and what the world of robocars will be like.

Brad Templeton founded and ran ClariNet Communications Corp., the first internet-based content company, then sold it to Newsedge Corporation in 1997. ClariNet publishes an online electronic newspaper delivered for live reading on subscribers machines. He has been active in the computer network community since 1979, participated in the building and growth of USENET from its earliest days and in 1987 he founded and edited rec.humor.funny, the world's most widely read computerized conference on that network, and today the world's longest running blog. He has been a software company founder, and is the author of a dozen packaged microcomputer software products. He is on the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the leading civil rights advocacy group for cyberspace. He is also on the board of the Foresight Institute, and an advisor to BitTorrent, Inc. He is chair of Networks and Computers at Singularity University. He is also a consultant on Google's self-driving car team.

Ben De Leeuw - DIY People Scanning- Adventures in Photogrammetry

A simple account of how and why Ben built a 3d scanner in his garage, and what it does.

Ben is a 20 year veteran of the CG industry with a penchant for working where technology collides with art. With roots in broadcast, games, and web 3D; Ben has spent the last few years designing, building, and rendering imaginary, photoreal business spaces for virtual office environments.

Moldover - Moldover's new controller: The RoboCaster

Hi! I'm Moldover. I'm leaving SF for my US fall tour on Sept 22. I'm excited that Karen has given me a chance to demonstrate one of the instruments I'll be performing with at Dorkbot. It's a MIDI controller built into a guitar that I call The RoboCaster. I have a whole bunch of new original music that I perform with the RoboCaster and my other custom-made electronic instruments. I look forward to explaining how I design my instruments and sharing my new songs with you!

If technology and music are your life, brace yourself- MOLDOVER is about to reformat your soul. Hailed by over 1,000,000 YouTube viewers as "The Godfather of Controllerism", Moldover is a new breed of music icon. Combining the charisma of a rock star, the mad genius of a basement inventor, and the radical inclusiveness of the DIY internet generation, Moldover is "literally throwing away the rule book and reinventing the wheel" (Remix Magazine). Witness his balls-to-the-wall LIVE SHOW at a club, experience one of his JAMBOX multiplayer instruments at a festival, or pick up and play the "LIGHT THEREMIN" packaging of his debut album and understand why the next paradigm for music is a one-man-brand called Moldover.

Balint Seeber - All your RFz Are Belong to Me: Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio

Ever wondered what traffic is flowing through the many satellites in orbit above you? Ever wanted to intercept RADAR signals from air traffic control and visualise your airspace in real-time on a 3D map? While you're at it, check how many faults have been reported by the next plane you'll be travelling on (e.g. do the toilets work?). If you have ever wanted to reverse engineer a wireless system, this is for you!

A software engineer by training, Balint is the perpetual hacker and guy behind His passion is extracting interesting information from often lesser-known data sources, and visualising them in novel ways. Lately, he has become obsessed with Software Defined Radio and all that can be decoded from the ether.

If you would like to give a presentation in the future or host a dorkbotSF meeting, please contact Karen Marcelo at dorkbotsf [at] dorkbot [dot] org

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