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From Karen Marcelo

4:00pm signup 4:30pm open street dork! 5:30ish food/booze!
July 15 2015

Parklet with 2 Podiums
Valencia @ 24th near Arizmendi
San Francisco, CA


We will end up later for food and booze so the after street dork is 21+

Parklet with 2 Podiums
Valencia St @ 24th (near Arizmendi)
San Francisco, CA
Show up early (if you're there early in the day) just sign up for one of the 2 podiums starting at 4:30pm. Prefix your name with DORKBOTSF so we know youre part of us! People can give 3-5 minute presentations. No projectors or sound system. This is the street! Lets use public space! Bring your robots, drones, projects to show (must make sense for the space), or show up to announce something, rant, poetry, etc. Afterwards we will convene at a nearby restaurant/bar - most likely rosamunde or puerto vallarta to dork out!

Lineup so far:
Kal Spelletich, Eddie Codel, Danny O'Brien, Liz Henry, Rick Abruzzo, Marc Powell, Segue, Guerilla Grafters, Tom Stolmar, Rich Stone, Hallie McConlogue, others... and YOU! Surprise speakers!

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