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From Karen Marcelo

7:00pm social hour 8:00pm presentations
November 18 2015

140 9th St. (between Mission and Howard)
San Francisco, CA

FREE but $5-$20 donations for our hosts much appreciated

Snacks from @GrilledCheezGuy

140 9th Street (between Mission and Howard)
San Francisco, CA

Mark Krawczuk - Everyhere Logistics - reality based reality, non-virtual networks and long range sneakernet to explore creative diaspora, or we take a road trip to see the other weirdos

Mark Krawczuk, joined by Tess Aquarium, talk about their experience with Everyhere Logistics - a collaborative, month long, multi-city tour with dozens of other artists, all who were participating in Lost Horizon Night Markets (highly participatory unsanctioned interactive experiences that happen in the back of box trucks in out of the way places) across the country.

Find out what you can't find on the internet, including where creative weirdos are in the middle of the country, see proof you can get good Vietnamese anywhere in the US, and the power of a network of loosely organized well-intentioned people.

Mark Krawczuk does the Lost Horizon Noodle Truck, and for years has been using the "box truck on street as creative space" to explore community. Tess Aquarium does the Junior Rangers Truck, which you can find out more at

Steve Dekorte - Bitmarkets: Anonymous P2P Markets

Bitmarkets is a fully P2P market based on two party escrow. The seller puts up 1x price of item as a deposit and buyer puts up 1x for deposit + 1x for payment. These are locking into a 2 signature bitcoin transaction that can only be released when both sign a transaction to make the payment or refund. This keeps incentives aligned without the need for escrow agents or reputation systems.

Steve is the lead developer at Voluntary and the author of the Io programming language.

Bitmarkets from on Vimeo.

Sean Stevens - Sustainable Magic

Sustainable Magic seeks to bring more creativity into the world by inspiring, creating, and educating with interactive art experiences, creativity workshops, and a mobile maker lab - The Magic Box

Sean likes to create interactive environments powered by human & other alternative energy. In 2008, he created version 1 of Sustainable Sound, a 2-person, bicycle powered sound system/party for the Vermont Regional Burn, Firefly. In 2009, he brought it to Burning Man, adding LEDs. In 2010, he went big, raised ~$14k in donations to make/bring a 10-person version of Sustainable Sound (lowRes) to Burning Man. In the default world, he teaches high school kids how to combine engineering and creativity at an experimental hands on school.

Segue Fischlin - Frankentrike Demo

A Frankentrike is an electric-assist tricycle optimized for all-terrain and rapid urban transport. It is the beast of burden of the bicycle world. A cargotrike model will be available for viewing and deeper examination

Segue Fischlin is founder and chief designer on this project. She finally found a way to synthesize her love of yoga, urban design, and welding into one manifestation

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