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From Karen Marcelo

7:00pm social hour 7:30pm presentations
July 13 2016

140 9th St.
San Francisco, CA

Sliding scale entry $5-$20 for our hosts much appreciated

Vendor/Demo Tables

140 9th St.
San Francisco, CA

Jodi Lomask - Left to Her Own Devices

Jodi Lomask has been creating sculpture and technology enhanced live performance for almost 20 years via her dance/cirque company Capacitor. Come see and hear her outline a few collaborative projects she found especially satisfying over the years.

Jodi Lomask founded Capacitor in 1998, designing performances and structures in collaboration with scientists and robust creative teams. Defined by a sculptural approach to the body, costuming, projections, and apparatus, her inventive choreographic solutions emerge from her curiosity about how the world works.

Star Simpson - The Art of Designing Beautiful Vintage Circuit Boards

Star Simpson has revived Forrest M. Mims III’s vintage electronics project designs for Circuit Classics. In this talk she’ll talk about the process of converting his original hand-drawn schematics into boards where the project can come to life. You too can relive the golden years of electronics learning from Getting Started in Electronics and The Engineer’s Notebooks series.

Star Simpson is creator of Circuit Classics, a revival vintage electronics hardware brand.

Eric Doversberger - Beautiful Data: Empowering Communities with Interactive Data Visualization

Eric will provide a retrospective of his partnerships with social change documentary filmmakers and non-profits in building new interactive platforms for collecting and visualizing community voice and empowering local community action. The content will cover campaigns mapping the wheelchair accessibility of public places to fighting for clean local water access and more.

Eric is a product manager and data visualization artist. He works at Google on the People Analytics team and builds new platforms for dynamically interacting with data. He also is a board member of the local non-profit National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC) and works with on interactive projects with social change documentary filmmakers, non-profits and community activists. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and Carnegie Mellon University, and was also a NSF-funded researcher at the Mathematics Department of Brown University.

Toshi Anders Hoo - Pushing Photons: Fire, Lasers and Pixels

Toshi will share 3 recent collaborative projects that all involve the manipulation of light: "The Evolution of Fire" a stop-motion light painting animation, "ProtoTopo" exploring topography using structured laser light, and "Immergence" a VR musical composition/performance commissioned by The Institute for the Future.

Toshi Anders Hoo is media artist, producer, curator and experience designer. His work includes creative collaborations with NASA, Cal Academy, Ray Kurzweil and (fellow presenter) Capacitor Dance Company. He has designed and produced a wide variety of interactive and immersive expereinces. His work explores the new metaphors afforded by emerging media technologies and uses these metaphors as building blocks for stories and conversations that haven't been able to be expressed before.

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