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From Karen Marcelo

7:00pm social hour 8:00pm presentations
May 17 2017

1086 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA

Sliding scale entry $5-$20 for our hosts much appreciated

Speaker/Ventor/Demo Tables


1086 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA

Scott Levkoff and Martin Caplan/Mystic Midway - Mystic Midway Transmedia World

Founders Scott Levkoff and Martin Caplan of Mystic Midway will present past & future designs on how they combine [Technology + Theater + Storytelling + Gameplay + Speculative Critical Design] in their innovative brand of participatory entertainment. Fall down the rabbit hole with them as they take you on a whirlwind tour into THE MYSTIC MIDWAY where they continue to explore how to integrate new technologies and timeless strategies in their search of RAISING THE GOLDFIRE, i.e. nurturing the conditions and collaborative methods necessary for 'win-win' mutual success in the social sphere.

THE MYSTIC MIDWAY is a mixed reality social theater troupe and community of artists, technologists, game designers, performers and cultural visionaries dedicated to creating deeply engaging, entertaining and meaningful social spaces.

MYSTIC MIDWAY consults, designs and performs small and large scale workshops and immersive performances for arts, corporate and community venues, and clients.

Cere Davis - Water Organ - Exploring Modes of Inefficient Physics

What would our technological and physical world look like if efficiency weren't a paramount consideration in the design of our mechanism and machinery? This talk will touch on design considerations in developing anthropomorphic sculptures and the necessary role inefficiency plays in emulating the motion and behavior of life-like electromagnetically-propelled anthropomorphic sculptural "creatures".

Cere Davis is an engineer and artist who explores her passion for physics through the lens of moving sculpture. Her work is inspired by a desire to understand how forces of complexity and chaos conspire to create emergent patterns. Through re-imagining kinetic sculptural "lifeforms", moving from the subtle interplay of counter-balanced forces, she aims to deepen her understanding of emergent dynamics in the natural world. She is a science-art resident fellow at Manylabs and a MFA student in the Art-Science program at UC Santa Cruz. She produces, collaborates and participates in projects ranging from dance performance, art festivals, maker workshops and various scientific collaborations.

Corey McGuire - Getting Shop Back

STEAM education is exploding as a concept. The maker movement is the new hotness!
...or is it?
What happened to shop? How do we get it back?
Transitioning from consumption to creation and facilitating a system of education which has forgotten its heritage with industry.

Corey Xolt builds robots and teaches people how to build robots.

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