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7:00pm social hour 8:00pm presentations
Sep 26 2018

Above DNA (2nd floor of DNA)
375 11th St.
San Francisco, CA

RE/Search will be there for all your alternative culture needs!

Free admission but $5-$20 donations for our hosts much appreciated

375 11th St.
San Francisco, CA

Alexander Reben - Human-Machine Collaboration

Several works will be presented and discussed which involve various approaches and interpretations of human-machine collaboration and automation.

Alexander Reben's work probes the inherently human nature of the artificial. Using tools such as artificial philosophy, synthetic psychology, perceptual manipulation and technological magic, he brings to light our inseparable evolutionary entanglement to invention which has unarguably shaped our way of being. This is done to not only help understand who we are, but to consider who we will become in our continued codevelopment with our artificial creations.

Alexander Reben is an artist and roboticist who explores humanity through the lens of art and technology. Using "art as experiment" his work allows for the viewer to experience the future within metaphorical contexts. "With a new generation of technology comes a new generation of scientists, scholars, engineers and artists exploring the relationship between people and machines. At the heart of this nexus is Alexander Reben, an MIT-trained roboticist and artist whose work forces us to confront and question our expectations when it comes to ourselves and our creations," reports NPR's Tania Lombrozo. Reben's artwork and research have been shown and published internationally, and he consults with major companies, guiding innovation for the social machine future. He has exhibited at venues including The Vitra Design Museum, The MAK Museum Vienna, The Design Museum Ghent, The Vienna Biennale, ARS Electronica, VOLTA, TFI Interactive, IDFA, The Tribeca Film Festival, The Camden Film Festival, Doc/Fest, and The Boston Cyberarts Gallery. His work has been covered by NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, Fast Company, Filmmaker Magazine, New Scientist, BBC, PBS, Discovery Channel, Cool Hunting and WIRED, among others. He has lectured at TED, SXSW, TTI Vanguard, Google, UC Berkeley, SMFA, CCA, MIT, and other universities. Reben has built robots for NASA, and is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab, where he studied human-robot symbiosis and art. He is a 2016-2017 WIRED innovation fellow, a Stochastic Labs Resident, and a recent visiting scholar in the UC Berkeley psychology department.

Thorsten Sideb0ard - Practical Granular Synthesis for Fun and Profit

While there are many tutorials and books to be found on how to write subtractive and FM synthesis, when it came to writing a granular synthesis engine for my own Soundb0ard environment, Thorsten struggled to find many practical code examples. Based upon reading Curtis Rhodes' 'Microsoun' book and a detailed blog post by Robert Henke, he came up with his own granular synth engine. In this talk Thorsten will cover the history of granular synthesis, some examples of the sound, and a brief code walk through of the solution ge came up with for his own implementation.

Thorsten Sideb0ard is a San Francisco based programmer and musician, working on Soundb0ard, a REPL based compositional and live performance tool.

M Eiffler - BlinkPopShift

M Eifler is an artist and leader in XR design. Their art makes legible the systems which create and control our behaviors, communities, and worlds. Working in a collage of performance, sculpture, video and virtual, and augmented reality technology, they strive to make art embodied.

As an XR designer and researcher They are currently focused on creating a set of embodied cognition fundamentals for XR operating systems and creative tools.

M is a vocal disabled, non-binary, and queer person interested in inbetweens, chimeras, and grey areas.

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