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7:00pm social hour 8:00pm presentations
Sep 25 2019

150 Hooper St. #400
San Francisco, CA

RE/Search will be there for all your alternative culture needs!

Free admission but $5-$20 donations for our hosts much appreciated

150 Hooper St, #400
San Francisco, CA

Mitch Altman - The Future of Our Communities

Is there a future for hackerspaces? Is there a future for humanity? If so, the keys lay with community. We need community. Community is hard work. We people are not necessarily good at it. Mix in the rise of authoritarianism, manipulation through "social" media, bad actors, trolling, the skyrocketing cost of real estate, the ability for lefty-identified people to be mean to each other -- and the result is a serious threat to the future of our communities. Yet, our future depends on our ability to continue. What can we do? What do we want to do?

Mitch Altman is a Berlin-based hacker and inventor, best known for inventing TV-B-Gone remote controls, a keychain that turns off TVs in public places. He was also co-founder of 3ware, a successful SillyConValley startup in the late 1990s, and did pioneering work in Virtual Reality in the mid-1980s. He has contributed to MAKE Magazine and other magazines, and wrote a chapter for “Maker Pro”, a book about making a living from projects one loves. For the last several years Mitch has been giving talks, and leading workshops around the world, teaching people to make cool things with microcontrollers and teaching everyone to solder. He promotes hackerspaces and open source hardware, and mentors others wherever he goes. He is a co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco, and is President and CEO of Cornfield Electronics.
Video of TEXxBrussels talk: The Hackerspace Movement

Alex Glow - Robotic Familliars, Avatars, and Interfaces

Alex created her robot owl familiar to teach about building privacy into AI-powered devices. But Archimedes' new form could help reduce our carbon footprints, as well as bringing beauty into telepresence tech. Famous last words: join us for a live demo!

Alex creates IoT tutorials and video at Hackster.ioi . She grew into electronics as a FIRST Robotics kid, and through hackerspaces. Since then, she’s been building brainwave-powered wings, smart holographic cameras, spacefaring music, and her AI-powered robot owl familiar (the shy Archimedes).

Rich DDT - Vector Synthesis, Robotic Pianos, Mixed Reality Portals

Get an inside look at Rich DDT's latest interactive art projects: sound-modulated oscilloscope music experiments, an arduino-controlled MIDI robotic piano player system, and a mixed reality multiplayer portal installation at E3.

Rich DDT is an interactive installation designer, live electronic music producer/performer, and event organizer. His custom work for museums, public spaces, and art events features emerging technologies to create an awe-inspiring, educational and playful environment for human connection.

He has been designing interactions since 2008, curating experiences that encourage collaborative group creativity in digitally augmented spaces. He has mastered sensors and new media software to spark effortless engagement with intuitive & highly responsive interfaces. Rich DDT co-founded the interactive technology design studio Anticlockwise Arts, the live electronic music and arts agency LoveTech, and has created installations for The Exploratorium, The Tech Museum of Innovation, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the CA Academy of Sciences.

At the core of his multifaceted journey lies a tenacious passion for bringing community, ingenuity, and wondrous new dimensions of expression to the curious among us.

Jordan Gray - Non-Prolific Specifics

Shybot lost and found, Off the social grid, Consensual cyberstalking, Lofi uncanny, Battery operated birding, ART+TECH Festival 2019 SPACE

CODAME co-founder, Open source creative @starpause, Dayan Qigong Sifu, Technolo gy management consultant

If you would like to speak at a future dorkbotSF contact Karen Marcelo (@dorkbotsf on twitter)

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