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Aug 26 2020

Virtual dorkbotSF

Thank you to DB Crew: MC Jon Foote and James Young

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Brent Heyning

- Problem Solving with Off-World Projects

A brief history of moments on projects that required clever design, engineering and fabrication techniques in off or other worldly environmental conditions... Star Trek - Enterprise television show and Into the Darkness movie, Armageddon, Team America, Tron: Legacy, Star Wars - Episodes 2 and 3.

Noting some highlights of each of the above features - specialty props and miniatures that have been seen, what challenges were faced and what inventive mindsets needed to be brought to bear by each of the team members. As these were features that utilized physical, functional models and props, the hands-on approach transcends mere ideas into elements that become believable - both at a distance and up-close.

Brent is the founder, CEO, and Chief Design Engineer of Toyshoppe Systems in LA. He has over 20 years experience as a creative and technical professional. A specialist in electro-mechanical props, models, electronic and electrical control, starships, speciall effects, lighting, miniatures and unusual robotic creatures. Toyshoppe is a team of artists, storytellers, makers and design engineers who make unusual dreams into reality. Clients include Destroid, Black Eyed Peas, NASA, etc.
Brent Heyning - IMDB

Zolie Sarriugarte and Karydis Johnson

- The Lettuce

Zolie and Karydis have been doing a "blacksmithing camp" for many years, and this year they wanted to make a sculpture. Zolie's dad Jon Sarriugarte had a lot of scrap that he wanted to use so they had to figure out how to do that. They took scrap pipes and sanded them down so they looked nice. After doing that they took a metal dome and welded the bottoms of the pipe together on the inside of the dome by laying all the pipes in the dome. Since they only had one dome they had to make a ring around the top of the pipes so they could have the pipes matching up. After finishing both sides, they screwed them together. They then polished and painted it The electronics were the easiest part for them, basically just screwing in the light bulb.

Zolie Sarriugarte loves doing metal work. She is 14 and going into her first year in high school. Along with metal work, she also likes to do art and wants to be an animator when she grows up. She helps out a lot with Burning Man projects and has been going to Burning Man for 13 years. Besides Burning Man she has given a talk at Maker Faire Ottawa two years ago and tagged along with her parents at other events. Since quarantine, she and Karydis have been going to Jon's shop every Friday to work on projects. They dont know what the next project they want to do yet but they had fun doing this one!

Karydis Johnson also loves working with metal. She is 13 and into her last year of middle school. Unlike her friend Zolie (who has her life togehter) she doesnt really have any plans for the future. At the moment she is considering editing and writing as a career but isnt sure yet. She has helped several Burning Man projects (putting nuts on bolts is her specialty) though most of her experience is from her metalworking camps. She has been going to Burning Man for 13 years and has gone to several Maker Faires. This project was a great learning opportunity for her and she cant wait to learn more with the next one!

Zolie Mae Sarriugarte IMDB

Bosco Kante

- ElectroSpit

The ElectroSpit is a device that electrifies your voice with the sound of any keyboard, guitar, or smartphone App. ESX-1 is a tubeless talkbox reimagined for the future!

Bosco is a music tech product designer, a Grammy winning Music Producer, CTO & Co-founder at ElectroSpit, and a Mechanical Engineer

Bosco's Dorkbot Deck

Joel Leonard

- Thorminating for a Better Tomorrow

The Thorminator is a new tool to get kids/parents, everyone possible excited about working with tools. Frustrated by the lack of skilled technicians to backfill the retiring boomer and to address future growth needs, Joel Leonard invented a new tool to generate more interest in working with tools, The Thorminator!

Joel Leonard is a recognized leader at building pipelines of skilled technicians, and helping grow respect and appreciation of the maintenance/engineering profession. With over 30 years of professional experience, Joel has helped all types of people, from ex-offenders looking for jobs, to C-Suite executives looking for talent, as well as top government and educational leaders looking to grow talent pools to retain and attract employers.

Joel's slides

Kimric Smythe

- Electrical Rust Printing

Kimric Smythe was half of the team that did the pyro for Burning Man for 10 yrs. He did some experiments for a web site that wanted some crazy stuff including propane fueled vacuum cleaners, rocket powered inflate a dates and exploding doll houses. Other stunts Kimric has been involved in are the Car Hunt, The Amorphous Blob, The Orca Bomb, Return of the Fat Man , Weird TV, and The Drive-By Shooting Range and many more. He along with Shannon O'Hare have put steampunk on the map building a 3-story Victorian mobile house driven by a steam engine and other experiments with steam since STEAM IS THE NEW FIRE.

Some other more practical projects are; the machine mounted camera for SRL shows that produced really nice footage, a livelihood repairing and selling accordions at Smythe's Accordion Center and his improbable taste in cars.

Greg Leyh

- Test Driving Tesla's Wireless Powered Roadster

Greg E. Leyh is the principal engineer for Lightning On Demand, a research facility for directly exploring the largescale physics of natural lightning. Previous works include the Electrum Project, a 38ft tall kinetic lightning sculpture currently operating in New Zealand, and the Marx Modulator, a 14 megawatt pulsed power supply for the International Linear Collider.

His employment experience includes Hansen Laboratories at Stanford University, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, and Survival Research Laboratories, where he designed the Taser Cannon and the 120L50K Experimental Coil. Current research directions include global wireless power the large-scale physics of natural lightning.

V. Vale and Marian Wallace RE/Search

- Perform orginal song by Vale Im Dreaming>

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