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Nov 18 2020

Virtual dorkbotSF

Thank you to DB Crew: MC Jon Foote and James Young

Chat transcript for this month's dorkobt Zoom meeting

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dorkbotSF Zoom Nov 18 2020

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Open dork/social hour:

Douglas Repetto

- Two Projects and dorkbot

Douglas will talk about two very different projects that share a similar creative strategy -- giving up control of parts of a process to generate unexpected or challenging materials. The first is a series of watercolor paintings where he makes a blob of color, then attempts to find and paint a face in the resulting wash. The second is a collaboration with artists LoVid to make a self-contained collage generating camera with no view finder. Karen and Douglas may also reminesce about the early days of dorkbot!

Douglas Irving Repetto is an artist and teacher who lives and works in Memphis and NYC. He started dorkbot! (But he's too humble and says He helped start dorkbot)

Dezso Molnar

- Flying Car Racing

Dezso will spell out how easy it would be for the dorkbot community to whip up a flying car that can be used to race.

Dezso Molnar invented and built the "Gyrocycle" - a flying motorcycle.

He was the crew chief for Craig Breedlove's "Spirit of America" Supersonic Land Speed Racing Team, assembled and tested rocket planes with Rocket Racing League, was a judge for the original X Prize, and helped create the first private rocket ship intended for manned flight at Truax Engineering.

In the arts field he invented and sold the Mixman DM2 music device to Atari and Mattel, designed the audio program at Idealabs' "Blastoff”, has recorded as a performer with bands, and toured with Survival Research Labs.

Dezso is an FAA licensed airplane and gyroplane pilot, flight engineer, and mechanic. He flew transport jets in the US Air Force, holds a BS degree in Pro Aero from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and two AS Degrees in Flight Engineering and Metals Technology.

After appearing on Discovery's "Big Brain Theory", Dezso was a staff inventor at WET Design in Los Angeles winning patents in heater technology and drone aircraft.

Dezso builds his machines, and has presented keynote speeches about aviation and flying cars world-wide, to include Autodesk University, Harvard Business School - Shanghai, Technology Istanbul, and a host of others.

Currently he is focused on forming the "Flying Car Racing League", and is building the "Streetwing", an electric flying race car, and adding it the the flight squadron in the Occulus game "Hurricanes vs Zeros".

Michael Epstein

- Stories as Overlays

Michael is a screenwriter, transmedia director, and expert in analogy/digital storytelling. He has a M.S. degree in Comparative Media Studies from M.I.T. where he specialized in developing multiplatform documentary films. In 2006, Michael founded Walking Cinema. The company had developed "mixed reality" apps for MTV, PBS, the Venice Biennale, Audible and many museum and broadcast clients. Epstein is also an Adjunct Professor at the California College of Art, teaching studio courses in landscape history and interactive media production. In 2019, Michael was selected as a Reynolds Journalism Institute fellow at the University of Missouri. In 2021, Epstein will start teaching interactive storytelling courses at the Berkeley School of Journalism Advanced Media Institute.

"Stories as Overlays": As we begin to see the emergence of numerous "lenses" to augment our phones, glasses and ears, what forms of storytelling will emerge that combine digital overlays with our surroundings? If Pokemon Go and follow-on AR games created a fantasy layer in the world around us, how might subsequent waves of AR storytellers approach non-fiction stories that pull in the history, politics, and social reality of the world around us? How might this platform connect us to our neighborhoods and how might they remove us from them? Michael Epstein--audio journalist, interactive producer, and skeptic--will tackle these issues laying out various approaches to AR storytelling and his latest story in the Walking Cinema series "Museum of the Hidden City"


V Vale and Marian Wallace

- The Weirdest Time

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