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Feb 09 2022

Virtual dorkbotSF

Thank you to DB Crew: MC Jon Foote and James Young

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dorkbotSF Zoom Mtg Feb 09 2022

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Chat log with speaker link etc.

Moldover - Retro Electronics as Music Controllers & Playable Packaging

Moldover is excited to share the details about two custom MIDI controllers he was commissioned to hack for artist Seth Norman. The Hickok and Yellowbox as as beautiful-but-broken pieces of vintage radio and Airforce test equipment. Moldover heavily modified both in very different ways to preserve their form as rugged, analog instruments of the past, while adding new functionality to every single panel element for use in musical performance. A totally unrelated project (that is perhaps even more exciting) is the release of a remastered and redesigned version of his first “Playable Packaging” album. It combines circuit board aesthetics with traditional musical packaging and an instrument called the Light Theremin. It is now packed with new DIY and hackable features he can’t wait to show you!

Moldover is a professional musician, artist, and inventor of musical instruments. He is well known for coining the term controllerism and supporting its adoption with a diverse body of work including live performances, eclectic compositions, educational videos, and the creation of totally new kinds of electronic instruments. As an innovator, educator, and devout lover of all things creative, it is his goal to share inspiration and to bridge the gap between traditional musicianship and modern music cultures.

Kimric Smythe - Sounds of the Analog Machine

Making sound samples using machines and nonmusical electronic equipment.

Kimric repairs and restores accordions for a living but has always had an interest in machinery and performance art. Many years ago Kimric was in a noise music group called Destroy Ape Technology . He made the costumes and built some of the instruments but hasn't really done anything with the "instruments" in years. He met up with some folks lately that have made him take a second look.

Christopher Robin Short - Laser Installations

Christopher will talk about his two Meow Wolf Denver projects: the Laser Orrery and Wormhole and his glow in the dark UV laser. See video here

Christopher is a laser projection artist. He specializes in old school planetarium style abstract shows and competes in international laser show competitions. He is the co-creator of the Radiator Laser Synthesizer and a contributing artist at Meow Wolf's Convergence Station in Denver. He also created an interactive touch controlled system with near ultraviolet lasers and glow paint used for New Media Arts festivals. He enjoys building things with microprocessors and addressable LEDs. He's bad with house plants.

Open Dork - 5 minute presentations from the viewers

Neal Strickberger - Light Up the Trash Fence (at Burning Man)
Thorsten Sideboard - Algorithmic Art Assembly
Laurent Sanchez - Siren
Sherry Huss - Maker Music Festival
Tracy Swedlow - writing a musical on Philo T Farnsworth (inventor of the TV)
Earl Ruby - Garden of D'Lights
Kevin Mathieu - Crank Ensemble/Pro Arts Closing Party
Alex Glo - DIY Smart Watches
See chat transcript (link above) for pertinent links and contact info for the above

If you would like to speak at a future dorkbotSF contact Karen Marcelo (@dorkbotsf on twitter)

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