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February 28 2024

Heron Arts
7 Heron St
San Francisco, CA

Panel with the artists of Resonance in Light an Exploration of Sound through the Gamelatron Project

DONATIONS MUCH APPRECIATED $5-$20 sliding scale. All proceeds go to our hosts Heron Arts


John Parts Taylor will moderate the panel

Aaron Taylor Kuffner

Aaron Taylor Kuffner is an American-born conceptual artist, based in New York. Kuffner’s dynamic work reaches far outside conventional forms of representation: it actively engages its audience and pushes art to serve society. His pieces often take the form of multi-year projects that require in-depth research, collaboration with field experts, and the development of new specialized skill sets. Each project provides unique conceptual tools that further the evolution of consciousness through the experience of beauty and the sublime.

JoeJoe Martin

JoeJoe Martin is an artist and Computer Engineer living in Brisbane, CA. After working as a software engineer in the wireless industry for a decade he moved on to a more fulfilling career using his technical skills and passion for aesthetics to bring life to art installations and experiences across the world. He has provided custom circuitry and systems design to some of the most loved and influential artworks of Burning Man and has thrown photons at many iconic buildings as a Technical Director at Obscura Digital. His own artworks often explore and juxtapose the digital and organic, and have been shown in galleries in Atlanta, Austin, Cape Town, Oakland, and San Francisco, as well as the Jacksonville MoMA in Florida.

John Parts Taylor

John Parts Taylor's artistic practice is a lifelong pursuit of bridging art and technology, sparked by a transformative journey through the Black Rock Desert in 1998. Surrounded by fellow creative technologists, a passion for cross-disciplinary exploration ignited within him. The captivating light-based sculptures presented at Heron Arts stand as a testament to this dedication, their patterns and motions inspired by nature, aiming to evoke a sense of deep tranquility.

As the founder and executive producer of Resonance In Light, John embodies both the visionary systems architect and the discerning curator. This exhibition brings together a captivating cohort of artists pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Their meticulously precomposed yet dynamically generative works dance in response to the ever-evolving musical dialogue of the Gamelatron, inviting viewers into a captivating experience where technology and nature unite in mesmerizing harmony.

Mark Slee

Mark Slee's visual art is built around structured systems of addressable LED lights. Drawing on a background in computer programming, he develops algorithmic patterns inspired both by organic and mathematical processes, employing procedural motion, subtle variation, and evolving shifts in both form and hue. These patterns explore the way our visual perception works, creating a vivid, colorful experience that is pleasing both aesthetically and intellectually- pretty lights that tickle mind and soul. These artworks are powered by a software framework Mark has developed called LX Studio.

Luminous Waveforms

Luminous Waveforms is the collaborative art practice of Phil Spitler and Victoria Mara Heilweil. Bringing fine art and creative technology together, they produce experiential works of art incorporating innovative technologies in the design, fabrication and aesthetics. Luminous Waveforms projects have been exhibited at the Napa Lighted Arts Festival, Oakland Immersive Arts Festival, California Academy of Sciences, Autumn Lights Festival in Oakland, Maker Faire, Jonathan Carver Moore Gallery and San Francisco City Hall. Spitler and Heilweil have also produced public artworks for the Wonderspaces Permanent Collection, Los Altos Public Art, the Temple of Direction at Burning Man and a large scale commission for the J. Resort in Reno, CA. When not working on new and exciting Luminous Waveforms projects, Heilweil is a lens-based artist and independent curator, and Spitler is a Creative Technologist and partner at Bonfire Labs, a boutique content creation company in San Francisco.


For over 20 years, Pitaya, led by artists Arnaud Giroud and David Lesort, has been illuminating spaces worldwide with their innovative public installations. These installations, known for merging artistic ingenuity with technical expertise, represent the group's deep commitment to experimentation and creative exploration. Their latest masterpiece, 'the planets,' evolves from the 'Planétoïde' series showcased at Lyon's Fête des Lumières from 2021 to 2023. This piece, a highlight of their U.S. studio's work, is realized through the custom software developed by executive producer Vincent Guerrieri, embodying their vision of light as an expressive and environmentally integrated medium.

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